Start off with an appetizer


Start off with an appetizer

roasted prawns with coriander

corn purée, corn, bell pepper ketchup, lamb’s lettuce

beetroot carpaccio,

marinated salmon with dill, beetroot, hazelnuts, beetroot leaves

cranberry jelly, pumpkin purée and sponge, pickled mushrooms, figs

tom kha kai

tiger prawns, chicken, wakame

consommé of beef ribs

julienne vegetables, crunchy noodles, beef

cream of jerusalem artichoke soup

foie gras panna cotta, chips of jerusalem artichoke, edible flowers

salad with blue cheese
$28 (vegan)

pears marinated in port wine and lemon, walnuts, rice chips, elderberry dressing

beef tartare

tarragon mayonnaise, marinated shimeji mushrooms, black toast, herbs

variation of homemade bread
$14 per person

tapioca bread with greek cheese and curd, pumpkin bread, baguette with sesame seeds and herb butter


Live Oysters charbroiled with house ­made Bayou Butter.